On Property Tours

The Hot Springs Lodge Costa Rica offers a wide variety of activities on the property. We sit riverfront in Primary Rainforest with hot springs and multiple waterfalls with natural ponds and swimming holes. Be free to explore and take many walks on your own or we can arrange a tour guide and biologists to make your experience in the forest an unforgettable moment.

Rainforest / Waterfalls/Hot Springs

The Tour is a relaxing interactive walk where you will learn some of the knowledge that we inherited of our ancestors. The Rainforest is paradise of edible and medicinal plants, and animal life.


Bird-watch and spot hummingbirds, scarlet macaws, toucans, kingfishers, trogons, and even the resplendent quetzal, Red-legged Honeycreeper (Cyanerpes cyaneus) and many more rare finds in our primary rainforest. Click here for more info…


Over 50 species of butterflies were seen during a delightful four days that Dr. Kelly Matthews, Judith C. Johnson, Dr. Richard Stringer, of Harrisburg Area Community College/Lancaster and David McCallum of Lightstruck Film spent tromping around and exploring the habitats surrounding the at Hot Springs Lodge. These are but a few of the thousands of butterfly species found in Costa Rica. We hope our guests will continue to add to the list.